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Vinyl on Oahu?

19 December 2012
Anybody have any recommendations on who to talk to about vinyl wrapping part of my car? When my car was repainted by the previous owner, the roof was painted as well. I'm looking to vinyl it back to black for the two-tone look but haven't had any luck finding help doing it myself.

Thanks in advance,
Impact Signs and Graphics on Kalani St. did my friends NA2 roof. His car is a Spa Yellow Targa, and they did his roof with black vinyl. He thinks the work came out so-so, but he is pretty meticulous when it comes to his NSX. I thought it looked ok. At least they have one NSX done under their belt so they have experience vinyl wrapping an NSX roof. If worse comes to worse, just buy the material from them and do it yourself. No one will take better care of your car then you would.
I'd prefer to do it myself but have no experience with vinyl so have no idea where to begin. There appears to have been a good DIY posted on these forums but all the image links are broken now.
Here was one ex owners LBBP with black vinyl top. I don't know where he got it done, but it came out nice. At sneak peak and what your car could look like although the blues/purple color isn't the same, but you get the idea.


Thanks for the pic! Ezra's old car is stunning in that picture! I guess that's a testament to the NSX's design. I was torn on whether or not to make the mirrors black, but it actually looks very good on his car in this picture. I'm sure Noah appreciates another picture of his car (Brian's at the time) as well. :wink: