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Group Buy Vivid Racing Advan RSII Wheel Group Buy

21 August 2012
This is a: Direct Vendor Group Buy
Minimum Number of Units: 20
Maximum Number of Units: Unlimited
Closing Date: 9/1/12
Product Will Ship: After the group buy is closed & when sets arrive
Deposit: $1,000 Deposit when submitting order, balance due when sets ship
(Finanicing option available through Bill me Later w/ OAC)

Payment Methods Accepted: All Major Credit Cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Cash works also.
Estimated Delivery Time: Looking late October/ Early November
Shipping & Insurance Costs: $100-150 depending on location. International typically $500 to ship a complete set.

Hello everyone:

Let me first of all introduce myself and Vivid Racing whom I work for.

My name is Ahmed Sulfab, I have been into the "Scene" since back in 1998 and growing up in the Northern Virginia area and having moved out to Arizona in 2002 I have seen it from both sides of the country. I am not only a guy who likes cars but I also have built my fair share. I am a Honda enthusiast at heart and share the same passion as most of you guys.

Here is some info on who Vivid Racing is:



Turbo2go Dave approached me recently me with a list of buyers who were looking into getting this wheel, and asked me to give my best prices to him. I explained that we are an authorized dealer of Advan Wheels and deal in a high quantities of them. He has since been in touch with me and as his list grew, continued to push me for better pricing on larger buys. I never expected this to reach this kind of level, nor to have to lower my price so much. Thankfully, it seems I was able to meet what he was looking for and he chose Vivid as the company to handle this.

Anyone on nsxprime or sk2i can contact me with whatever question you may have and if I don't have the answer, I will get it for you. Dave has already filled most of you in on pricing and the extra goodies included in this group buy. We lowered our prices several times for him, so if you got a quote a while ago, your current price may be a bit lower today.

I've never given out this kind of pricing to this kind of group buy. This was a huge effort by Dave to get this all together. Once we reached these high numbers, I was thrilled and offered him an extra discount on his own set to make up for some of his hard work. His reply to me was that he did not want to take anything extra without making it public and asking the group first. He's an honest guy is all I can say about it.

So once we submit the order, we can expect the receive the wheels in Late October/ Early November. The 19inch Production was just completed and they are working on the 18inch Fitments next. Our order will be on the 1st container coming to the states as Dave stated earlier. No one else claiming they can get these wheel earlier is going to have them. I just wanted everyone to hear it from me.

To ensure your order is placed and your spot in line, we will need to get orders and deposits. Please call me and we will place your orders. Please be patient with me as I have a long list of people to deal with. Once your deposits are received and your order is placed, I will make a note on the list to denote your wheel size, color choice, and offsets. That means you are in the Que. My telephone number is listed below. I can answer any other questions for you here in this thread as well.

Here is the latest list I received from"Turbo2go" Dave.. Please make sure you name is on the list and the info is correct.. Once you have placed your deposit I will update this thread and update the list.

Wheels will come in either Semi or Hyper Finish..

Sorry to picture jack.. waiting on official pics

Semi gloss black:

Hyper silver:

Semi-gloss black:

** As part of this group buy everyone will receive some extra goodies which will be disclosed to you when the deposit is being made if Dave hasn't told you already**

3) Speedmasta77 17/18 HyperBlack
5) Regular 18/19 racing hyper black
6) sippy2 17/18 Racing Hyper Black
7) Junior40er 17/18 hyper Black
8) Ric 17/18 Racing Hyper Black
9) Nero Tenebre 17/18
11) SScnell 17/18 semi-gloss black
13) Kuni 17/18
16) Teej 17/18 Semi Gloss black
17) pchpleno 17/18 semi gloss black
18) bloodstone 17/18
19) AlWaYs4SaLe 17/18
20) FernandoLens 17/18
21) Andre.sugarland 17/18 Racing Hyper Black
22) synergy004 17/18 Gloss Black
23) ediddynsx 17/18 racing hyper black
24) NSX-Barque 17/18 Gloss black-semi
25) RS-2000 17x9 (4, S2K group) Semi gloss black
27) 91nsx85crx 17/18 Racing hyper black
28) RP215 17x9 (4, S2K group)
29) Arista5 17/18 racing hyper black
30) scorro1 17/18 Racing Hyper Black
32) Afzan 17x9 (4, S2K group) Hyper silver
33) LMR 17/18 semi gloss
34) Motopythons 17x9 (4, S2K group) Semi-gloss black
35) UnaFria 17x9 (4, S2K group) semi gloss black
36) Jpembry 17x9 +45 / 9.5 +35 (s2k group) semi gloss black
37) JS2k size undecided Hyper Black
38) grtahoang 17/18 semi-gloss black
40) 996Garage 17/18 Hyper silver
41) 2K_S2000 17" (4,S2K group) Racing Hyper Black
42) JonL 17/18 Hyper black
43) AndyLena 17" setup (S2K group) color TBD
45) Gmedallion 17x9 (4, S2K group), semi gloss black

Since there are quite a few choices for Center caps here is the link to the Advan page.. Please when selecting center cap provide me the part # to ensure to get you the correct set.

"Scroll down to the bottom"

Paid Deposit
1) Turbo2go 17/18 Racing Hyper black Deposit Paid 8/21
10) Eiffel 17/18 hyper black Deposit Paid 8/21
44) Chudson1549 17/18 semi gloss Deposit Paid 8/22
2) Matt_337 17/18 HyperBlack Deposit Paid 8/22
12) Kublakhan 17/18 Semi-gloss blackDeposit Paid 8/22
15) Fuoss484 Semi gloss Black Deposit Paid 8/22
14) Hlakhani 17/18 hyper-blackDeposit Paid 8/22
4) NSXRay1 17/18 Racing Hyper blackDeposit Paid 8/22
31) Deltacrew 17/18 racing hyper black Deposit Paid 8/23
26) gizzard 17x9.5, hyper SilverDeposit Paid 8/23
39) Tomnsx 17/18 hyper silverDeposit Paid 8/23
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I believe Dave should get a discount if not a free set of wheels for the work he has done. I have no problem with that what so ever.
Can you post the available and price for the centercaps(how many types) and lugnuts(how many colors) for the RSII wheels? I was told that the lugnuts are included with the price of the wheels and the centercaps are offerred at a reduced price. Also, what's the cost of the wheels in 17/18 and 18/19? Is this info available to the public now or is it still sort of confidential?

Besides calling you to place orders, will email work?
Dave will be compensated for all the trouble he has gone through..

I cant thank him enough.. Now lets get these deposits going so we can submit the order.
Guys my main concern is everything go through smoothly for everybody. Yes, Ahmed was very nice and offered me a further discount on my set as a thank you. But as I told him, I don't feel right taking anything extra without letting everyone know. I really lost some work time and put over 50 hours into this. I mean it actually affected me financially. But I told everyone earlier on I'm paying the same price and that was my intention and I'd feel dishonest if I took an extra discount behind the scenes. If you guys are cool with it, I would love it of course, but you guys let me know how you feel about it. I didn't do this to get special treatment.
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^^ I don't mind if you get special treatment or you get the wheel for free . If vivid offers you a special deal, take it and run with it. As long as I get the wheel at the price I want, that's what matters to me.
Ahmed, I'm really torn on color. Can I give you my deposit and decide later? What is the cutoff date for that? I guess what I'm asking is, how long can I dilly dally for and how many polls can I post in the wheel section and irritate everybody for before it's going to hold up my order? LOL
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Dave your time is running short..lol..but of course you can deposit now and then change your mind as many times until we place submit the order..

I would really like to have this all wrapped up by 1st but no later than the day after labor day..

So if your name is on this list means that you are part of the final list and are going to be placing a deposit on a set of wheels.. If you are on the fence please place an * next to your name so I know who to pm incase we have some folks running behind.. As I have mentioned before guys please feel free to contact me through pm or phone..
I have left a voice mail and will now PM.

~ Dave, thanks setting this up for us.

:smile: Greatly appreciated. :smile:
Hi Ahmed.

Welcome to prime! I assume it's pretty late and the shop is closed up for the day, but I'll give you a call tomorrow to sort out the deposit for my set.

Also, thanks again to Dave for his leg work and i'd also support a free/discounted set to compensate for his efforts.

I'm interested, can you PM me price and details? Do these come in 18/19 setup?


Jeff they come in 18/19, not sure if he has PM'ed you or not yet but I will.
Ahmed you should have everyone follow this format for reference:

Name: Turbo2go
Car: 2005 NSX
BBK: Yes, Stoptech ST40
Color: Hyper Black
Size front: 17x8 et37 GTR face
Size rear: 18x9 et 35 GTR face
Tires, brand: Yes. Dunlop Star Spec Z2. If unavailable, Yokohama AD08
Tires size front: 215/40/17
Tires rear: 255/35/18
Centercaps: Advan low type black
Lugnuts: Skunk2 forged, open end, black series
Deposit: Paid
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A free set for Dave get's my vote.
A free set for Dave get's my vote.

Les, to you and the others saying this, thank you. I do appreciate it. But I think we should concentrate on the GB, make sure this goes through smoothly, wheels get ordered on time, people understand and order the right sizes and offsets for themselves, and these things arrive in a timely manner.

Now my reputation is on the line. I understand Vivid is the vendor and handling things, but I really do not want anything to go wrong and my name to go down with a group buy that was not so stellar. I mean this list of guys are guys that stuck with me and I am not going to let anyone down.

If all goes well and everyone is happy, then I guess maybe I will ask everyone and see if they are cool with my getting an extra discount for my work.
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Name: UnaFria
Car: 2005 S2000
Color: semi-gloss Black
Size front: 17x8 et54
Size rear: 17x9 et 63
Tires, brand: Kumho Ecsta XS
Tires size front: 215/45/17
Tires rear: 245/40/17
Centercaps: Advan low type black
Lugnuts: Skunk2 forged, standard titanium color
Deposit: Will call
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Name: Chudson1549
Car: 1992 NSX
BBK: Soon, Stoptech ST40
Color: Semi gloss black
Size front: 17x8 et37 GTR face
Size rear: 18x10 et 35 GTR face
Tires, brand:
Tires size front: 215/40/17
Tires rear: 265/35/18
Centercaps: Advan low type black
Lugnuts: Skunk2 forged, open end, black series
Deposit: Pending PM Answer...Just sent
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Is there a list of options for the accessories? For example, I'm not sure what the options are for centercaps and lug nuts. Or is it something that guys already have?
Is there a list of options for the accessories? For example, I'm not sure what the options are for centercaps and lug nuts. Or is it something that guys already have?

Yes, if you go to the vivid racing website, click wheels, and then click accessories, all the center caps and lugnuts are listed there. Of course the pricing and stuff is different for this GB. if you don't want the lugnuts included with your order for free, you can get a credit towards any other lugnut that you want. All the Advan cent caps are there as well, with photos. Choose the one you want and list it here, and he can place it on your order. Same with tires. You can see vivid carries almost every brand. So if you want new tires mounted and balanced on your wheels prior to shipment, you can select something and list here, like I did under "tires". If you write "yes", it means you are seeking new tires.

I hope Ahmed is cool with the way I am doing all of this... LOL.... I think having it posted here with all your offsets, lugnuts, details, keeps a backup record and prevents clerical errors. Nevermind making Ahmed's job easier. You have a written backup of exactly what you asked for. Last thing is if I see something odd and not perfect for their year of NSX, I can PM them and ask if they are sure. I will keep an eye on every order. If someone for example has a BBK and is asking for a wrong offset, I will PM them and ask. If they are getting tires but it's not the right size for their year's TCS, I will PM and ask. I am keeping a close eye on every order. I know I turned it over to Ahmed, but it never hurts to have more than one person review things for you.
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Car: 1998 NSX
BBK: No, Stoptech No - Currently Stock
Color: Hyper Silver
Size front: 17x8+37 GTR face
Size rear: 18x10+35 GTR face
Tires, brand: Will discuss with order.
Tires size front: 215/40/17
Tires rear: 265/35/18
Centercaps: Advan 73mm Center Cap 114.3 PCD Low Type
Lugnuts: Skunk2 forged, open end
Deposit: Will contact today.

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