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Vtec Controller

28 June 2005
Bay Area
Hello All, i just bought a 95 Blk Targa. wanted to know if you guys had opinons or thoughts on Vtec/ air fuel controllers. I read the faq and it stated there was no significant gains. But with one of my previous cars, an integra with ls-vtec setup, the vafc gained about 7-10 HPs after tuning. I was looking into either an Vafc2 or emanage. I just bought a used RM racing intake. hope to install it soon.
I suggest reading the part about Vtec in the service manual. Take a close look at the part where they show the different engine characteristics for the engine without Vtec, and within Vtec.

Actually, you will loose power if you go with an altered Vtec point (thats on a stock NSX) per this diagram.

On other honda's (mostly the 4 cylinder) you see an enormeous jump in torgue when Vtec engages, so altering this point is an option. Honddata is apperently doing a marvelous job on the Civic Type-R engine, where the actuation of Vtec can be controlled with the position of your accelerator.