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VTEC engaging

7 February 2001
does the VTEC still engage with the check engine light on? I know on my friends Civic it did not. My light is on because of not enough backpressure(at least that is what the dealer said). it is coding 34. I recently added headers, removed cats and installed an Apex-i exhaust. what can I do to get the light off? BTW the car actually seems to run stronger with the light on. thanks--Brett
What is th year of your car again?

-- Chris


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The way VTEC engages is by a spool valve delivering oil to a piston that runs a third camshaft lobe for higher lift and longer duration. It seems to me that if there is not enough oil pressure, the spool valve may fail to operate correctly. AFAIK
my car is a 92 and I have no oil pressure problems, or any problems for that matter except for the light coming on after about 5 miles of driving. after the light comes on I seem to have a smoother idle and quicker throttle response. Dealer said that it ran better because the computer was richening the car up and that causes the light to come on. they said they could fix it easily with their computer, but the dealership is 100 miles away and I cant get over there for a couple of weeks.
Oh. Sounds like the problem isn't the light; it's something the dealer says they can fix. Why not just give them a chance to do that, and live with the light till you get a chance to take it in?
You can reset the light by disconnecting the battery for a few seconds.I usually reconnect after 30 sec.This will clear the code.This is also happening to my 97 since I punched my cats out only it takes around 500 miles to trip the light.The only difference is on my OBDII car it runs rougher and a bit slower with the light on.How do I go about reading the codes?


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Originally posted by SNDSOUL:
it is coding 34. I recently added headers, removed cats and installed an Apex-i exhaust.

34 is simply not a valid code for a 1992 NSX.

However, code 43 is an O2 sensor or front fuel supply problem. An O2 sensor problem would VERY LIKELY related to the headers you just had installed.

I would clear the codes (pull the clock fuse), run the car so it will code again, then re-read the code.

If it still reads 34 (or any invalid code), you probably have a defective ECU or possibly wiring problem. This is quite rare.

If it instead reads 43, you probably just have an O2 sensor issue. They are commonly damaged during header installation, or there could be a wiring problem - for example one of the pins could have backed out of the connector.
I just installed headers and got a code 43 after a month or so.

It's 4 slow flashes then 3 quick ones.

You probably have a code 43.

Larry just fixed it for me (see my other post).