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want to get oil filters?

6 October 2002
san jose, ca
I'm looking to get some oil filters from daliracing. Does anyone want to split
the 10 pack? Either an even split (5-5) or roughtly three ways (4-3-3).

The total cost is $100 plus shipping so you can do the math to get a rough estimate.

I'm in Sunnyvale so anyone who can meet up in the south bay, please let me know.
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That's fine with me. Is a 3 way split good for everyone?
ok guys, i've order the filters and i'm just waiting for them to arrive. will let you know asap. what's a good place to meet?
I may not ba able to pick them up for a couple of weeks but I can have my sister pick them up for me. She lives in San Jose. Let me know if that's ok.
hey guys,

i have the filters! what's a good time for your guys to meet up?
and where?