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Wanted - Race mechanic to work for ride


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17 March 2001
St. Louis, Mo.
I'm having a hard time maintaining two racecars and have a 3rd to build, so I would be interested in finding a competent mechanic willing to do much of the work in exchange for driving one of the cars part of the time and/or some cash.

Qualifications are flexible, as are the terms of the work-for-ride deal. We race with SCCA and similar amateur road racing clubs. The racecars are low-tech and most of the work is simple prep and service. If someone can rebuild transmissions and the like their value goes way up, but it's not a requirement. Obviously the person would need to be where the cars are so in or near St. Louis.

So if you've raced before and want to get back into it, or would like to start but aren't ready to pop for a car, this could be your chance.

PM, email, or call Steve
[email protected]