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Web Site Poll: Which sports cars to include for overall driveability?????

31 August 2001
Rockford , IL
For handling and "sportiness" I want to dedicate a site for specific cars based on how fun they are to drive and how well they handle... rules.. under 100k, sleek looking, not too obscure, and recent 90+


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(wanted Silver NSX!)
I really dont know all that much about Lotus's...

I would think that even compared to an NSX they are more obscure .. arent they?

I would think that even compared to an NSX they are more obscure .. arent they?

Their sales numbers in North America are a lot fewer than the NSX. Not true in the UK though.
Well, I've got one, so not that tough.

But, IIRC, they only did Sebring Silver 1991 - 1993. (I should just check the faq, but I'm getting lazy)
It would be impossible to find one for 1994 or 1995, since they didn't sell any in silver those years. You could find one for 1991-93, though.

Go to the section of the FAQ called "Production Numbers" and you'll see how many were made in each color combination, transmission, and body style each year 1991 through 1998.
I have pics of a friend's silver twin turbo 2000 Lotus Esprit on my NSX site...they are in a similar price range as NSXs and, yes, they are even more rare. Check out the Easter Sunday Malibu Canyon Drive in my photos section.

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