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Wedssport SA60M

8 March 2006
Has anyone installed a set of these on an NSX? They are light and very good looking, I am wondering why I have never seen them on an NSX.


hate to break it to ya but these are only made in 18s all around so i know you dont want that:redface:
hes already running 15m now so this set up is ideal. but now the issue is the color are these still only offered in the black
Looking at that too... but super conservative. I would need at least a 20mm spacer to make it look decent.

Ok so what is wrong with that? The rears seem to have a more ideal offset.
I like em! In that original pic are the spoke inserts painted white or is it just a glare? It looks like the pic socold posted is a gunmetal and no painted spokes but that color isn't on their site.

Is there a US distributor and I didn't notice pricing even though the spec sheet says it has the pricing.

Could the fronts be machined down to a better offset?
I found another pic and it looks like the black wheels have white painted spokes. Bleh....I wish they didn't do that but I wonder how it would look with formula red painted spokes......hmmmmm

The White 02+ conversion in HI that is on prime has these i believe, or did.

It use to be black but then was hit and painted white. I forget his username though.
The white "accents" are actually a "machined" finish, but I think more or less a silverish finish in real life. I know the pics make it look more white. I would probably run:

17x7.5 +48 (using a 20mm spacer) 17x 7.5 +28
18x10 +36 (using a 10mm spacer) so.. 18x10 +26

But even the adjusted 17x7.5 +28 still may not be as flush as it could be for some people.
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What killed it for me is that the Blue Accent and the Red Accent colors don't actually look like they do in the pictures.

This is what the "Red Accent" really looks like in person.. It's more maroon.

I heard the Blue Accent wheels actually look purple..
I know some people have been quite upset over getting these and they look very different than the photos and the colors have been weird. If I get a set it will be the flat black/machined, not any of these goofy fast and furious colors.

I definitely have to use a front spacer however as they are a high offset front. Which adds weight when I can avoid that with a set of Advan RSII's. I am really torn on these two. Waiting to get more weight specs on the RSII. SA60's can be had now in 17, I just have to wait for them to come by slow boat from the motherland. Well... my car's motherland.
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get these man imo they look better than rs2 :tongue:
get these man imo they look better than rs2 :tongue:

I think you might be right. They have some similarity to the OEM wheel in the spoke shape that I like. If you "fill" the space between the two spokes it will look a lot like the OEM 02+ wheel. But the more open design is lighter and allows better vision of the BBK.

However I am not sure if weds wheels are as well built or strong as the advans.
the weds are built well man, but at the end of the day it depends on what the wheel hits look at these advans

shit happens, but you should get these imo the look better almost as good as the rzs now those look great rs is dime a dozen on nsx lol