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Welcome dainese51 !

16 July 2002
Bay Area CA
Hello dainese 51 & welcome to the club!

I spotted your S/N in the members-on-line below & was interested by it - obviously a bike man methinks! So checked your profile, found you're local Bay Area & a new member - with zero posts after 2 weeks! Jump in man, the water's lovely!

Look forward to seeing you at one of our local events - check out this forum for details of what's coming up.

Agaian, welcome aboard!
Thanks guys....I spend most of my time on nsxprime at work, I think my boss is on to me so I gotta lay low for a while. As for the x, it's sitting in the garage until the weekends. Anyone here know of a good place for me to do an oil change? I have all the part's just need a place that will be able to take a low car like mine. As for bikes, I am a part of www.canyonstrafers.com But haven't ridden in ages. Sold my bike for a house.... now i have a new moneypit...i mean toy to contend with....
Wait a minute...that is you NICK! (just browse canyonstraffer to see your profile). WHAT's UP buddy...long time no see. I'm the one you taught me how to ride...blue R6 championship edition.

Did you buy an X? I thought you move down to southern Cali with your new gf. I haven't seen you posted anything on BARF so I assumed you left N. Cali.

About the oil change, it's pretty easy to do it yourself. Let me know if you need help.

Show me pictures of your car.

PM me when you have a chance to chat.
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