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Well Folks, I'm off to Afghanistan...

30 April 2008
Oak Harbor, WA
Looks like i'm back to being a prospective owner again...
I just sold my NSX to prime member COZ. I hope you enjoy her Jim. I know i did! ha I just didn't want her to sit around while i'm on "vacation" in the desert.

Well, i'm headed off to the mountains of Afghanistan for the next 10 months. Apparently they need medics... :tongue:

I hear the winter there isn't fun. All i've seen so far is the summer... and i'll tell ya i'm not a fan of the hot. So maybe getting shot at in the winter is more fun?! lol

Anyways, i don't have too much time left in the States, so i just thought i would say goodbye and goodluck to everyone on prime before D-day arrives at my doorstep.

Adios, and i should be in the market for another NSX when i get back somewhere around July 09'

God's speed and thank you for your service.

Thanks for your service, and good luck.
Be safe and see you when you get back here.
God's speed and thank you for your service.



i'm with doug on this. please keep us up to date on your well being and don't - for a second - hesitate to say the words, "care package, please."

i know of (at least) a couple of us vets who are ready to send you some goodies.

be safe.
Hay James, Hal just made a great point. Keep in contact with us and let us know what you and your unit needs. Don't think there would be a problem at all for us to get you things. When I was in Vietnam a Girl Scout group addopted my unit and would send us things. They would send letters and ask us what we needed and then would send them. There are always things you might want but aren't able to obtain through traditional military channels.

That's the reason I still buy those damn cookies to this day even if I never eat them.:biggrin:

i'm with doug on this. please keep us up to date on your well being and don't - for a second - hesitate to say the words, "care package, please."

x2. Great idea. I'd love to be part of a "Care Package Team" for community members being or already deployed. Anybody else want to get in on this?

That said, stay as safe as possible. Thanks for your service. Seriously, thanks.
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Thanks guys, i really appreciate all the support! My family is freaking out, and you guys are the first ones to say something supporting... god i love how tight knit this community is. An NSX will be on the TOP of my list of things to do when i get back for sure.

I love the care package idea! When you're in the middle of no-where and a million bucks means nothing, an encouraging letter from home, or some home-made cookies are the best thing ever. (or even a t-shirt soaked in my gf's perfume) Don't laugh, you'd be surprised how much floods your mind when you've been gone for 3 mo's and you get that in the mail... :tongue:
I think it's what got me through my first deployment actually.

So when i get back we should definitely keep this care package going, i would be MORE than willing to send any other troops on prime anything they need when i get back!

I'll keep you guys updated, take lots of pics, and i'm not sure if i'm going to have sporadic access to the net or not, but i'll try and post every once and a while!

Hello James,

I do not know you, but that is not important. What is important is that your a brave and honorable man. Do your job and come home to your family, friends, and your next NSX!


I appreciate your service to our country. Thank you.

Good luck and thanks for serving for our country. Maybe you can post an APO for us to send you some goodies.
I also appreciate everything you sacrifice for our freedom!! Hope you get another nsx when you get back.

Are you in the Marines? Befriend an old timer when you get there. This is important if you go on any type of patrol. You will need to go native for 4 - 5 days before going out -- you can bath, but no western soap, aftershave, deodorant, etc; eat native food, you get my drift. You really can smell someone and track them if they are different from everyone else. You need to learn to take a dump or leak using an entrenching tool.

I don't mean to scare you, and it may be a lot different now. It is mostly being careful, and using common sense.

Good luck
good luck out there, be sure to bring some christmas joy to the taliban and algayda



are you a field medic? or stay on whichever base/camp?

being in the mountins is where i would want to be over there, anything for an excuse for one of these:tongue:

good luck bro, save some lives while your out there:smile:
come back soon. stay safe. hopefully you'll get another NSX when you come back.
Winter is no joke there, summer sucks and the 120 days of hard wind isn't something to like. Stay safe out there, I was there 4 months ago. Some of the fob's (forward operating bases) are 7000 ft above sea level, depending on location. Hard to breath. I have many pics if you guys would like to see. Once again be safe out there.

Nice weapon posted. Is that a 50cal?
Stay safe mate and good luck! :smile:
yeah post some pics! or start another thread for them so you dont "hijack" this one,

yeah those are barrett m107 50 cal's, those are just googled pics, i would looooooooove to take one of those out shooting