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Were Zanardi engines blueprinted like the TypeS?

A little off the topic, but what does "blueprinting" an engine mean anyway? Sorry for the ignorant question, but its been bugging me for awhile.
I thought I saw in an 01 sales brochure that all nsx engines are blueprinted????

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MikeC 01 #46
By no means are all NSx engine's Blueprinted.
Blueprinting basically means that you measure each and every peice until they are within an EXTREMELY tight tolerance. For Example Revolution balances the NSX pistons to within 0.1 Grams of each other.

All the hoses, and cables and wires, and shortened to the absolute minimum length required(Reduce electrical resistance and friction loss of liquids running through hoses) and every peice is inspected and matched to exact tolerances.

And yes as MaoMao said, only the NSX-R has a Balanced and Blueprinted Engine...(as far as I know)
I never heard of any NSX other than Type-R coming from the factory with a blueprinted engine.
A question that I have been wondering - the lists for the horsepower on the NSX-R doesn't seem that much higher than on a stock NSX? Is that right?

From what I remember from my Chevy 350 days, blueprinting an engine makes some significant power increases, as well as max rpm, etc. Then again, could do with the crappy tolerances to start with...
I think the JDM NSX-R's are *conservatively* rated at 280ps (276hp).
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