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Wet weather traction with TCS on


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12 February 2002
Rotterdam, Netherlands
I was test-driving a '94 NSX in wet weather. When turning into a corner the rear wheels lost traction for a short moment. Speed was low, no more than 10mph. Road was wet asphalt. Car has Continental 265/35 ZR18 rear tires on BBS RSII-wheels. TCS was on. Does this indicate a TCS-problem or is this a result of the wide Continentals and just slippery wet road.
TCS does not prevent you from spinning tires, it simply tries to control it.
Lud, You may want to give him the rim size drill. You know it better then most so I wont try. Since this car has been changed and front size is not mentioned. I've had very little problems with traction at 10 mph in rain. Now with my Ford F-150 truck thats a total problem. I hate the truck on wet roads!!
The TCS should work fine with those tire sizes (whose outer diameters are approximately 0.7 percent larger front, 2.4 percent larger rear).

Thanks for the info. For a moment I was thinking I had to spend more money already ;-)
Unfortunately I'm still waiting to get the car back with the right license-papers. Just counting the days now..