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what about bulbs? PIAA, Sylvania, or Koitos

20 February 2000
Irvine, CA, USA
Hi all,

I did a search on replacement bulbs and didn't see any side by side comparisons.

I'd like to replace the head lights and corner marker bulbs. I have heard that Sylvania cool blue ($40)is almost as good as PIAA ($80). How much difference are there between these 2 brands when comes to color, intensity, and longevity? What wattage have your tried?

Talking to a local shop, they recoommended the Koitos brand from Japan ($50). Do any of you have tried them?

What are the options for the corner marker bulbs beside PIAA wedges?

Thanks Ken! I have seen this thread when I was considering clear side markers and decided not to do it. I am actually looking for bulbs that are located in front of the head lights that already have the clear lense. Not sure what do you that. Corner markers?

Since I'm switching to a whiter head light bulbs, I just need something that is whiter than the yellowish "corner marker" bulbs from the factory.
Talking to a local shop, they recoommended the Koitos brand from Japan ($50). Do any of you have tried them?

I hear the Coitus bulbs look really sexy.
Polarg makes some nice superwhite sidemarker/corner lamps. At night it looks "super" white with a hint of blue in it. This is probably what you are looking for.

As far as headlights are concerned... it's a good question.
Thanks for both of your help!

Could you tell me where I can find a store that carries Polarg? I am in the SoCal area. Do you know the cost for a set?
The only place I've checked in San Diego is Group 5 Motorsports. I'm sure others carry it. It's supposedly "the brand."

They are about $10-13 per package depending on which type of bulb you get. The wedge-type bulbs are packaged in two. The push-twist type bulbs are sold each.

I'll be at the AHM/LA Autoshow get together on Thursday. I'll shoot you an email. If you want I can pick up the bulbs for you and you can try them out.

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