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What are these plugs for???

18 February 2008
Lewisville TX
I am hoping these are for a CD changer they are located on the driver side
behind the trunk bulkhead carpet, can anyone identify them??? First time I tried to post a picture, I think to see it you click on the paper clip, I may need some help with this as well. View attachment 42508
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The connectors for the CD are on the passenger side. Those are for the OEM phone.
The connectors for the CD are on the passenger side. Those are for the OEM phone.

I thought both (phone and CD Changer) are on the driver's side on the early year's NSX. It has been 7+ years since I pulled out my phone, but I seem to remember the cable for the changer ran over to the driver side in the boot from one of the times I had my carpet out after some water in the boot incidents.


I have a 94 NSX that still has the OEM phone and CD changer in it. In the trunk, the phone head unit is on the right (passenger) and the CD changer is on the left (driver). I can take some photos if you need them...

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I have a 93 (supposedly Deion Sanders' original NSX) that has every conceivable option on it. Both the CD and the Phone (dealer installed) were on the passenger's side of the trunk. (I've removed the phone, but still have it in my basement, with a full set of instructions on how to reinstall it. If this thing ever becomes collectable. . . .)

I don't know it the wiring harness was changed in 94 -- it is possible.
Both my CD changer and phone head units were mounted on the passenger side of the boot, and as I remember both sets of harnesses crossed over to the driver side and through grommets into the engine bay and into the cockpit behind the drivers side seat.
It sounds like some of the routing of wiring harnesses for the 2 systems are different between years, and possibly between dealers who may have installed them.
I dug up my box of phone parts including the harness from the main unit mounted in the trunk. There are 2 connectors at the end opposite the main unit. 1 is a DIN connector with 3 rows x 4 columns of pins, and the other is a square connector with 2 rows by 2 columns of flat terminals. I'm pretty sure the other DIN connector with the circular pin arrangement is for the CD changer.

Re: Thanks for all the input

It sounds to me like the phone and CD plugs on the early models 91 at least are on the drivers side, Thanks for everyones input.