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What do you think about next NSX? Do you think it will compete with other sportscars?

25 September 2004
I don't know the exact date when will the next generation NSX to be in production. Rumors say around 2007-2008...

My guess is by the time of next generation NSX to be in production, this is what is going to happen to other cars...

Ferrari: 360 Modena > F430 > F500
Porsche: 996 > 997 > 998
Corvette: C5 > C6 > C7

To compete with Ferrari F500, Porsche 998, Corvette C7, I would say it is going to be really sad if Honda puts 300+HP 3.6L V6 from HSC in the next gen NSX.

My guess is:

Ferrari: 395HP(360) > 483HP(F430) > so I would say about 560HP for F500?
Corvette Z06: 405HP(C5) > 500HP(C6) > so maybe like 600HP for C7 Z06?
Porsche: has 3.8L flat-6 355HP for Carrera now, but it doesn't matter because they have 911 Turbo. The next gen 911 Turbo will have 500+HP
Also the new Lexus will have 500+HP V10...next gen Viper SRT-10 or GTS? 9.0L-9.5L V10 600HP maybe?

none of these numbers are official, but realistically I am guessing this could happen...

Ferrari F500: 560HP
C7 Corvette Z06: 600HP
Porsche 911 Turbo: 500+HP
Lexus sport coupe: 500+HP
3rd gen Viper: 600HP

if Honda puts 300+HP V6 from HSC...no...not good.

I really think they should put V10...or at least put two S2000 engines (2.0L 240HP each) together and make 4.0L V8 480HP engine at least. Hopefully something like 4.3L V10 500HP though.

What do you think? Will the next gen NSX be able to compete with Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette, Lexus, Viper, or other sportscars? Honestly, I kind of have feeling there is pretty good chance Honda putting 300+HP V6 into next gen NSX. However I really hope not.
Re: What do you think about next NSX? Do you think it will compete with other sportscars?

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