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What exhaust is this? Taitec?

23 May 2020
SF Bay Area
Hi all, I bought my nsx with a downforce GT diffuser and a center exit exhaust. I’m trying to figure out who made the exhaust. Exhaust would have been purchased in the early-mid 2000s. It looks like a taitec JGTC based on pics of the taitec, but I am not sure.

Any sure fire way to check? One thing to note it that it doesn’t have holes in the tips for silencers.

Did any other companies make this style exhaust during the mid early 2000s? Quality is high and fitament is perfect.


Thanks for taking a look! It does for sure, tabs look like they’re all in the right place, resonators look right, I wish they welded a name plate on there...
Are there any markings?...My GTLW had holes for the silencers.....whatever it is bypass pipes would make that thing heaven or hell depending on the age of your cochlear...
Not any markings I have found, I should look again. This one does not have holes for the silencers. I’m wondering if not all came with silencers? When did you buy yours?
early 00's...I'm sure Chris from SOS would know about the silencer holes..he has sold plenty through the years and very knowledgeable
Ah great to know SoS sold these. I’ll email them to see if they can id it.

Also funny you mention the age of your cochlear. I replaced this cause it was too loud for me; I felt like a total jerk driving around the neighborhood. 25 year old me would have been all about it though.
I was behind a person who shall remain nameless at arizona xpo on the scenic drive with the center exit and no cats....I thought I was stuck in a JGTC parade lap for 2 hours....
What? I can't hear you......:biggrin: