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what exhaust is this?

20 March 2008
Colorado Springs, CO
possibly buying this from a dealer, it looks like it has an aftermarket exhaust but they have no idea what kind it is if it even has one, and I can't tell what it is, but it's definitely not stock :tongue:

if I had to guess I'd say the GTLW, but I could be wrong

edit: this is the best picture they have of it, I'm going to call them about it tomorrow and see if they can get a better picture of it for me

Here is the advert on autotrader.


Green Nsx's offer a good value as they usually sell cheaper that other favorite colors. If you prefer a targa its not a bad deal, though it does not have the same performance capabilities of say a 91-94 or an NA2 but close enough and it is an OBD2. It is missing the chin spoiler so I would have the car inspected if possible, interior looks clean. More than likely it is due for timing belt, A/C & clutch work so make sure you ask if it has been, try to find out which dealer or shop it has been serviced at.
just looked it up, chin spoilers aren't that expensive, and that just gives me an excuse to buy some nice aftermarket one :biggrin:

the rest is easy enough to have done, I'll find out if it's been done already though

they don't open until 10 and they're in cali so I can't call until later today :)
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Can't see real well but it looks like a stock 1996 exhaust to me.
Slap an Arizona plate on that baby, and I'd swear it was my stock '95 (I just went out and looked...)... :biggrin: