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What is the most necessary mod?


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2 September 2000
Southern California
Just bought a '95 NSX-T with only 6k miles on it and everything original. (BTW, Thanks Chopsjazz,NSXY,Joel,Paul M,Ebanks,Biophase, and NSXTASY for your very much helpful responses). I want to hear what you think is the most worthwhile mod you have ever done for your NSX. Thanks.

If your car still has the OEM tires, you'll need to buy new ones. My 95 had no rear tread left at 5K miles, so I bought Dunlop SP9000 front and rear (on sale at Discount Tire). I have put 2.5K on them and now have only about 1/64" in wear. They will last several years I'm sure. I drive mostly in the local mountains, so wear is almost even on the inside and outside of the tires, using the factory alignment specs.

I think that a good aftermarket sway bar set up might improve the cornering feel. Other than these, I wouldn't change a thing, including the wheels, which are faster than more aftermarket wheels. I might chrome the OEM wheels, if need the falsh factor some day.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s

By the way, did you buy the 95-T that I referred you to in Henderson KY, or did you find that garage queen around here? What color is it, etc. By the way, if it has the OEM Yokahamas on it, you can sort of confirm the authenticity of the odometer reading if your tires show manufacture dates of 1994-1995. Check the DOT numbers. What do you have? RSVP.

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
Yes, NSXY, I got the one (red/black)from KY. Thanks so much for the info. The seller (Barry at Tradition Auto Sales, very nice fellow) paid to have it inspected by the nearest Acura dealer who cinfirmed that the car is "in show-room condition". It also has a new set of Yoko tires.

BTW, I paid low $50K including shipping (to southern Cal) and inspection.
First Mod would be Sway Bars.
The Comptech Swaybars give your car a totally different and MUCH more stable feel.
I would highly recommend them to anyone.
I want to hear what you think is the most worthwhile mod you have ever done for your NSX.

I would suggest that you first live with the car for a few months, and decide what YOU feel you would like to improve on it (although it's pretty darn good right out of the box). If you want flatter cornering, do something with the suspension. If you want better acceleration, do one of the power upgrades. If you want more brakes, do something with those. Different folks have different needs, and there are mods to upgrade what matters most to YOU. Of course, if you like the car just the way it is, there's no need to do anything to it.
After owning the NSX for almost a year, I would go for performance mod because the car isn't all that fast from the factory. Lowering the car will give the NSX whole new look as well.
Congratulations. Have you located an extended warranty as yet? I recently purchased a set of Dali sway bars--directly from Mark Johnson at his garage. Call me at home (Iassume you still have my telephone number) should you have any questions regarding additional performance modifications.
Hi Joel,
The Motor Trend extended warranty program does not cover NSX any more. So I am going to buy one referred by CarFax ($1900 for 5 year/60k miles). I'll call you to get Mark's phone #. Thank you.

I would be patient about mods. I strongly second the comments above by NSXTASY. You need to drive the car a while (2-5,000 miles) in different conditions to have the experience yourself before you spend a dime on mods. I have done no mods yet, but I am considering adding the sway bars, because I do like want less body lean in the corners. I do not want suspension changes, because I don't need more speed in the corners: the car is already so fast in the corners that it's scary (to me). (I don't wnat to go any faster than I already do on public roads.)

Re warranty: When I got my NSX in April I called Escondido Acura, who did offer a warrantee, which required thier inspection first, but I don't remember how much $ they wanted. Maybe give them a call. I didn't get the warranty after realizing (from reading NSX Prime FAQ) that I probably will not need the warranty, because 1) it's got the realiablity of a Honda, and 2) I do not abuse my car. For me, I'm gambling that the warranty $ would be a waste. So far, I'm right.

BTW, where do you reside in S. Cal?

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
Congrats! The first thing i did was change the intake. It doesnt really improve the performance but the sound is awesome. If you think the car needs a little extra growl thats what i would do. If your happy with the sound now then leave it. Next i changed the exhaust system I wanted to make the car sound a little meaner! put on an rsr love it! good luck i'm sure you cant go wrong with whatever you do to it.
Paul M

I live in Del Mar. It might be interesting to get our cars together some time. Just let me know. BTW, when does your arrive, and who is the carrier?

95 NSX-T, 5 sp, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlaptya SP9000s
Good idea NSXY. I'd like to get together with you and Joel someday. My NSX is to arrive in next two days. I don't know about the carrier. The only thing I know is that Cush Acura will receive and inspect the car upon arrival. It was all arranged and paid by the seller.
Actually, if your thinking about mod'ing your car, the best bang for the buck is driving lessons on the track. You'll squeeze alot more out of your car, if you go faster, then your car will.

This will also give you a perfect example of what the car lacks to you.

I've seen friends start modifying Porsches, only to scrap them because they couldn't drive it to its full potential.

Work hard, play hard!

'93 RX-7 R1 /w toys
'00 Audi S4 /w toys

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Originally posted by Booster-X:
Actually, if your thinking about mod'ing your car, the best bang for the buck is driving lessons on the track

That is probably the best advice I've seen posted here in a long time!

For the cost of say Comptech headers + installation you could attend at least 3-4 good 2-day drivers education events including expenses (ala BMWCCA, CarGuys, NASA, etc.) or take a course at a professional driving school.

Either one will make anyone who has never done a high-speed driving school a lot faster than a set of headers.