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what is Throttle-By-Wire? and some other general questions....

24 July 2000
Is this a noticable thing in the 95 and up years?

In the FAQ it says that on 6spd transmissions, 6th gear is engaged by a solenoid. The gearshift activates a switch to change gears. So is there not 6 different positions for the shifter (not including reverse)?

Has anyone in the atlanta area had their 90K service done? If so, how much did it cost and where did you go? How was your experience? I'm trying to find a suitable place to take mine.... thanks for the info

Yes, there are 6 different positions as far as the driver is concerned. The 6th position activates a button rather than mechanically changing gears as in the other 5. It is similar to the overdrive button on alot of earlier model japanese cars.
Throttle-by-wire is where the position of the pedal is read by a computer which in turn activates a step motor to control the throttle. This replaces the throttle cable on a conventional setup.