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What Kind of Fuel Do You Use in Your NSX?

What grade of fuel do you use in your NSX?

  • Premium fuel (91 octane or higher in North America), ALWAYS, whenever it is available.

    Votes: 134 93.1%
  • Premium fuel, ALMOST ALWAYS.

    Votes: 5 3.5%
  • Premium fuel SOME OF THE TIME, regular or mid-grade (less than 91 octane) SOME OF THE TIME.

    Votes: 3 2.1%
  • Regular or mid-grade fuel, ALWAYS or ALMOST ALWAYS.

    Votes: 2 1.4%

  • Total voters
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93 mixed with 100 most of the time.
On the track 100
Well if I had an X she would only get premium! For now, the boosted CRX only get 92 ocatane, with the occasional tank of 100 and a few more pounds of boost. :biggrin:
As for me, I only feed my baby with premium grade RON 97 unleaded fuel. Since gasoline is damn cheap in my country :wink: So blessed :biggrin: Halleluya !!
i just follow the directions in the cluster..

94 octane Sunoco premium only, it's hard for me to settle for 93 octane. Couldn't imagine having to use 91 in cali.
BP/Mobil (93)premium for me...
unfortunately, thanks to my good friends in CARB, 91 octane is the best we're going to get in CA so that's what my NSX eats.

putting less than premium in an NSX makes absolutely no sense to me. it's a high performance sports car for God's sake.
C30A4 said:
As for me, I only feed my baby with premium grade RON 97 unleaded fuel.
IsR said:
97 octane for us here - our premium but we name it differently
I believe 91 octane in North America, where octane is measured as (RON+MON)/2, is equivalent to 96 octane in other markets where octane is measured as RON.
Never less than 91-93 for me.

However, I do alternate between 91-93 and 89 on the TL.
Premium almost all the time,but the last fill was a mid-grade. Just to try if I can see any difference. No siginificant difference noticed on regular road with regular driving with regular tires. I did blow away a Neon SRT-4 at the light after giving him a two second head start. That's the best I could find on the roads here in PA, unlike in CA where there are Ferraris everywhere. Maybe he was using regular gas. :biggrin:
Those darn Neons always want to race...

Amoco 93 for my vote always, unless there's no amoco around I use exxon/mobil

Always at least 93. If i lived in CA or CO I would have to fill up at the track only.
i know this may be a dumb question. but what about c-16 race gas? i have a stock motor and ive been thinking about running it. any thoughts? ideas?
I use jet fuel................maybe thats why it blew up again. :biggrin:
Premium only as recommended.

Are you not asking for trouble if you use anything less?

I never ever use ARCO or CITGO too.

Prefer brand is Chevron.