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What kind of NSX will $35K get you?

What would you buy with your 35K?

  • Early Model A+ condition with low miles?

    Votes: 17 48.6%
  • Early Model good condition with CTSC?

    Votes: 8 22.9%
  • Newer Model with HIGH MILES?

    Votes: 8 22.9%
  • Other: Explain your choice please.

    Votes: 2 5.7%

  • Total voters
12 April 2005
Ventura - LA County
If you can spend $35K on an NSX what would you prefer?

Early Model with very low miles?
Newer Model with some miles?
Early Model with MODS?
Newer Model with some mods?

Let's see what you think.

$35K isn't so far off the budget I had a couple months ago when I bought my car. I was looking for the best daily driver I could find for my money. It would have been silly to buy a perfect '91 with super low miles and then proceed to start driving it 100+ miles a week. I felt fortunate to find a '95 with 57K miles that I can drive anytime and anywhere I want without terribly devaluing it.

But if there's one thing I've found about NSX owners, they have as many reasons and motivations for what they buy as there are individual cars. It's an insanely diverse group.
Assuming cars on the choices listed are actually available.

Early Model good condition with CTSC, I wish, probably only in my dreams.

$35k should definitely get you a low 91~93 under 25k miles with the timing belt/water pump already done and all service base on time interval done with complete service records. Many nsx owners do follow servie time interval, instead of mileage. :smile:

For NSX I don't think the mileage matters that much. It is not a Ferrari. Sure it is nice to have low mileages car. But 100k+ miles on NSX is nothing. I have seen 2 Nsxs in same location with 200k+ miles. They look just like any other NSX. The owners said they run perfectly.
Thanks for the responses and votes!

I'm in a bit of a dilemma right now as I found a REALLY nice almost perfect ("A" car for sure) very low mileage NSX (21K miles) and lots of xtras that come with it i.e. Cover, Bra, extra set of rear tires (new), titanium key, extra set of NEW mats, manuals, Original phone, all service records and the 30K service done (TB, WP, valve check, mobil 1- oil and many more that I can't think of right now.

The seller is a very nice gentleman which seems to be a fanatic about keeping cars in pristine condition.

Of course he is also asking TOP DOLLAR for it (More than $35K).

Like bodypainter mentioned, that it may be better for me to buy a newer NSX with some miles that way I don't feel tooo guilty about driving it everyday or at least 1K miles a month, instead of being all paranoid about having a pristine garage queen.

Thanks again
an nice low mileage NSX is always a nice NSX; and a rat is always still a rat. The question is really based on whether or not you care about resale value. IMO :wink:
For $35k you can find a gem, or a piece of crap.
A cherry with 70kmi, or a dud with 20k mi. and everything in between.

One thing I have found, the nicest NSX's are not necessarily the one's
with the lowest miles. The worst example I looked at/drove had 23k.
A few days later looked at one with 75k that was in much better cond.
Looked at a very low mi. car that smoked a bit on start up, and didnt shift as well as other's with higher mi.?
I have found honest, 1-2 owner, well cared for cars with a solid & complete history with no paint work & no leaks much harder to come by than just a car with low miles.
Also, based on seat & pedal wear, some of the lo mi.,/ brief history cars I looked at were to me, somewhat questionable. :rolleyes:
Also, have found many mistakes with Carfax.
Not sure how? But long term owners have told me:
"I never lived in "where-ever"?
And in some states, 10 yr spans in time with nothing that validates mileage
is not uncommon.
So to me, its cond & documentation over just Low Mi.
(never thought I would say that!)
But these cars can mask mileage for 100k, or be beaten down in the 1st 10k.
Not an easy car to shop for..............
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