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What price will the '02 be?

23 December 2001
Will it stay in the $90k range?

I have a '94 Supra, it listed $48+k in '94, but the '96 was $40k. With Porsche and Ferrari effectively dropping their prices (C4S is $80k with a lot of equipment including full leather interior and power seats with memory, Ferrari's 390hp Maserati Spyder is under $90k), with Honda follow suit?
There hasn't been any indication that the price will change much one way or the other. I really doubt there will be any serious drop. The official Acura announcement on the '02 NSX is coming in the next few weeks so we will know for certain then.
The price will be the same. Honda/Acura does not care what the price is in the hopes of selling more cars. They would need to sell 2500 NSXs per year to break even. They only sell about 300 in the world per year. It is an image thing. They sell thousand of civics and acura rsxs pumping the vtec story "just like and NSX" I hope they make the 2004+++ car a moster killer car. The NSX killed the Ferrari 348 (which even Ferrari owners do not understand really is a good car) When Ferrari finally built a great car (355) to really replace the 328, the NSX took a hit With the 360 the NSX really got hurt. But look at the price difference. They NSX remians the best all around sports car for real people that was ever made. AND you can't just mount a v-8 engine to get more HP...it would be out of balance...no zen. Bye the way go price the repairs bill on doing belts and wate pump and clutch on Ferrari 348 or 355 which needs done every 5 years or 30k miles...$10,000-16,000. I know, I have seen the bills on two cars I almost bought. And God know Ferrari never have mile on them...it kills there resale value and the need lots of belt work if you drive them. We are all the happy guys who get a great machine at a very good price..way below what they really cost to hand make. Porsche has to cuts price to sell the cars as they HAVE TO make money or go out of business (they don't sell regular cars in volume to make up the difference) If Maseratti does not sell big (they plan a sedan for 2004) FIat will kill them).