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What should I do with these parts?

4 February 2000
Chicago IL
A friend of mine gave me a box containing five NSX suspension parts that the dealer gave back to him after a repair. I know it was not the result of an accident. I suspect he had a ball joint replaced.

My question is, what I should do with these parts and do they have any value? I realize that there was probably something wrong with them, since they were replaced rather than re-used. I don't know if anyone rebuilds these parts, or if they might be worth reselling. If they're not worth anything, I can set them out where the scrap metal guys cruise for parts, and they'll get recycled. But if there's anything useful that can be done with them - even better, if I can get any money back for them - I'd like to do that rather than turn them into a lot of soft drink cans.

So without further ado...

Part 1 - upper control arm



Part 2 - knuckle



Part 3 - lower control arm



Part 4 - hub



Part 5 - front compliance pivot assembly


Clean up the control arms and hang them on the wall. Would look great.
Like the post above, clean them and keep them. Who knows 10 years from now when all the parts disappear and no longer made, they might be worth something
If you're having a problem with them the best solution might be to get the shipping cost to 46069 and let me send it to you and you send the bits to me and then you won't have to worry about them anymore.
I know some one in the U.K. that needed them and I could get them to him if he still needs them. If not .....

There probably still good except for the joints. If there pressed in the shop might not have the equipment to change the joints out or didn't want to bother with changing them.

I've been waiting for someone to post on here some old suspension pieces!

I know Honda recommend that you don't replace the ball joints alone, you replace the whole upper and lower arms complete! So I reckon there should be some lying around in peoples garages, if left at the dealers I reckon they discard them...

So I was going to try to get some old ones (just as you have) so I could polish and reassemble them myself as the complete suspension and put in my living room as a display... Since they're not useable on an NSX, for a static display they're perfect!