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What should I look for?? in 92 NSX...

12 January 2001
Cincinnati, OHIO USA

I currently own a 1995 Legend LS.. I love this car and looking to purchase a 92 blk on blk NSX..
I am currently taking a 45 day vacation, and recently ran across a 92 NSX with in reasonable distance away from my home two days before my departure..

I kept in touch with the owner and he's going to hold off on the car..

Here is the situation:
The car has a OD altered title
it currently has 55K miles but the owner is not sure about the original miles..
He currently leased a 740 BMW.. and wanting to get rid of his NSX. at a reasonable price..

I heard something that i should be watching out older model NSX's..
And wondering if someone could give me some advise on what to look for..

I would greatly appreciate for any advices..

Thank You!


You should spend some time looking through the FAQ section of this site. It will really fill you in. The two major issues are the trans (snap ring), plenty of info on that here, and the window regulators (cheap fix if caught early). The car may have had both of these things repaired already, but I have to tell you the background of this car sounds unclear at best. Remeber you get what you pay for!

Thank you Larry..

I know, Its hard for me to make a decision.. Especially I haven't really seen the car yet.. I'm in Floriday for my vacation.. and today I'm flying to Vegas then to LA.. so, I would see the car until begining of Feb.. I really like to get it.. since they are hard to come by in OH..

I will check the faq page.. Maybe I could read it and learn little bid more..

Thank you for your help.. hopefully, I could be part of NSX group!