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What size tires do I need??? Help!

6 May 2003
New jersey
Hello everyone. I purchased some limited edition volk racing wheels with a 18" by 7 1/2" offset +43 and 19" by 9 1/2" offset +44. What size tires should I be shopping for? I'm looking for a low pro with a flush fender look. Upgrading from the HP evos 18" 8 and 19" 10. I would appreciate any input or advice from my fellow NSX'rs.

Thanks,:confused: Tarik
yup or 275 rears
From what I learnt Prime suggested to keep it 215 in front to avoid rubbing on full lock.
Yup. Some people get away with 225 fronts, but others don't.

In those sizes, I recommend the Pirelli PZero Nero if you want an excellent top-of-the-line tire (on dry pavement and in rain). If you are willing to trade off a little less grip on dry pavement for a lower purchase price, consider the Kumho SPT. Both are available in 215/35-18 and both rear sizes, 265/30-19 and 275/30-19.