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What to clean plastic trim around glass engine canopy with?

10 June 2005
Mine is starting to look a little faded, and wanted to rejuvenate the plastic trim. Is there anything someone has used to bring it back to life?

- Dean
That looks good. The plastic is not rubber, but should work the same?
Bought it. Thanks
My seals all around were a bit dry rotted and the top front targa seal had a chunk missing. This stuff definitely did a great job at rejuvenating the rubber trims. I wish the previous owners treated them. You will notice a nice healthy change.
Its great. Its going on all my vehicles now. Really great stuff! Its like Armour All on steroids . I had to apply it twice, but looks great now. Thank you!!
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Thats great! Its mostly for rubber. I put it on all the rubber seals around the car, under hood, door seals, trunk seals, and it does a great job. In theory should help with leakage from rain because it will help the old rubber expand. I also put it on my S2000 convertible top seals. It noticeably helps.
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