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What was this nsx owner thinking??

Without knowing how far you can see down the road, I don't know if I can accurately judge that. Of course, I am one of those sinners that drives over the speed limit too.

I lived in Knoxville for years, and there are some blind turns where that is a big no-no. However, who knows if this one of those areas. Personally, I'd worry about keeping the semi's off the road first. Keeping photographers out of the middle of traffic would be a close second.
Can't see the pic.

People cross the line all the time on the Dragon. There are a few places that you can without putting yourself and others in danger, but not many. Personally, I don't, but you simply need to have confidence that the others on the road don't either. No place to go if they do. First time down there, we lost a car in our group over the edge thanks to someone simply pulled off the road in a blind curve!
whealy said:
Can't see the pic.
Try typing (or cut+pasting) the URL into your browser rather than clicking on the link.
It's like this (add the http: and // at the front if needed)--
Looks like the car behind him was in no hurry to be on the right side of the road, or the law, either. Looks like a mid-80's Celica (or not) so I doubt he was thinking about passing the NSX. Crazy either way.
There is absolutely NO reason to cross the line on the Dragon. No matter how safe it may seem. Crossing the line kills. Simple as that. It's been proven over and over. :(

I was there with a large s2ki group the weekend this pic was taken and my only hope is that this toolbag wasn't mistaken for someone in our group. We try pretty hard to keep everyone happy down there.

And if the guy in the NSX is on Prime and reads this: I hope you realize who you're indirectly representing when you go out and pull crap like this. Especially after the comments you (or your friends) left on Killboy's site when the pic was posted. Have a little class next time.

And let's all do our best to ensure we can enjoy The Dragon for years to come :)
that is defintely a big no-no, but I must admit I have done that a few times on PCH close to Pt Mugu and the "Rock". Those that live close know what I am talking about. The few times that I did do that, were at very late hours of the night where you can see if cars are coming your way for miles at night.
Looks like an 84-85 vette to me (behind it).
> What was this nsx owner thinking??

Chances are he wasn't thinking? :rolleyes:

Like <B>White94</B> pointed out, without seeing what the driver saw it's hard to pass judgement. But usually cutting double-lines is a big "no no" and only permitted during canonball drives. :p

However, this is a deju-vu of NSXBOX on the Great Ocean Road... :D :D :D j/k hehe
I was there for the S2000 meet and remember seeing this NSX because it had a HUGE number on the side of it (cannot remember if it was a '3' or a '6') like it had just come from a race. Sad to see him crossing the line though... :(