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whats the best headers for CTSC?

Black&Tan97Tnewportbeach said:
"An Eternal Sportsmind For You"

(you have to have a sportsmind to get it)

Great touch - I LOVE IT!!!

A bit of a throw back to Honda's hidden quality control decals in the NSX.
Yeah I had read that sticker is on the radio. I wasn't kidding about getting it, I think I get it . .. they must have translated it literally . . but i think its supposed to be a wish or a blessing . . "We hope you always desire & appreciate cool action sports and toys like the NSX and that as you get older your youthful attitudes and brazen adventurism doesn't fade"
The sticker in mine is on a little black box down by where your left calf is. Down in the left side of the footwell below the fuse box, a little above the sill.
For all of those people interested in the ScienceofSpeed headers, I can tell you that we had them installed last week and are VERY pleased with them. The power increase is very noticeable driving the car and makes driving the NSX that much more fun. And more importantly :smile: the sound of the exhaust is much nicer! The car literally screams with joy down the road now. :biggrin:

I would certainly recommend them to anyone interested, particularly with the SOS headers being listed at a very competitive price and having equal length tubing.

Of course the badge is sweet too! That saying is also on the EPS module for those with power steering.

Utilizing the test pipes should be reserved for those people who like their cars LOUD. We have the SOS headers, test pipes & JGTC Center exit and the car is not stealthy by any means. We love the exhaust note ourselves, but some would definitely think it is over the top. If you are still undecided by NSXPO you can listen to our car then. :smile:
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Chris@SoS said:
The equal length design of the ScienceofSpeed headers is beneficial for FI as well as NA for exhaust gas scavenging. Better exhaust gas scavenging = more power. Fitment is not an issue, they fit exactly the same.

Non technical wise...
They are $200.00 less and come with this nifty badge...
-- Chris


  1. How much are they including shipping to GreenLight in San Diego by the 12th?
  2. Are they smog legal?
Thanks for the rapid response,