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What's up with the rear bumper skirt?

1 June 2005
Indianapolis, IN
I've seen quite a few (including my own) rear bumper skirts that are not level. Originally, the license plate is what made it noticeable to me. It's only off a little bit, but it bugs the hell out of me. Every time I look at the car from directly behind, the whole thing looks off. So........What's up with the rear bumper skirt?
C'mon guys...... Mine's a 91. If yours is, take a look @ how the license plate looks crooked. It only looks crooked because of how the bumper skirt is attached. It's not the threads for the license plate screws, it's the skirt. Someone tell me I'm not crazy :confused:
I've seen djdrock's as well, and it's crooked. We looked at it closer yesterday, and still can't figure out what is causing it to look that way. The license plate is up further on the right side. I guess I'll just have to wait until the August 13th meet to see some other 91's......................and point out that they are crooked as well. :wink: