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wheel alignment needed or not???

31 May 2012
After spending almost 8hrs replacing my stock shocks with bilstein shock, I noticed that the rear have a little more (-) camber than before. Is this normal or do I need a to get an alignment??? It drive straight and not much difference from before. I'm concerned with the tire wear.


I have heard if you lower a car it alters the camber.

Fitting newer shocks I would imagine there is a good possibility that you lowered the car?

It's best to have it setup properly.

More tire contact - better handling and grip. Also even wear making the tire last longer.

These are just my thoughts, I'm stand to be corrected.
The camber will definitely change if the car is lowered.
With a mid-engine car like the NSX it's very important to get the wheel geometry checked regularly:wink:
Get it aligned AND by someone who knows how to do it (search alignment specs for the procedure). You are changing out a tired and most likely worn out suspension component. Lowered or not, there will be a variance with the new setup.​
Would I be better off taking it to acura and have them do it? I want what's best for my X....... I took it to a local shop near me and they refuse to do it, saying the car is to low. But the funny thing is that my crx si is drop way lower then the X and they were able to get it done. So again, will acura do it?


My local Acura dealer did mine and as a precaution I took them a copy of the alignment procedure and had them align it to '93 specs (as opposed to '91) so I can eek a little more life out of the rear tires.:wink: Request that the master tech performs the work and if at all possible ask to meet with them before hand to go over the procedure with enough tact as to not insult their intelligence. Most will appreciate the the info. and you will get a better result as well as building a good rapport for future visits.