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wheel steering viberation ( did I get a bad advice)

19 March 2005
Need help.

I took my nsx to the Acura dealer in Dallas to get the wheel aligned and other basic tune up.. It was not pulling and have small tire wear inside. The car had small vibration on the steering wheel.

Whats odd is that the dealer told me that the car will pull to the right due to the fact of tire wear on the car and the alignment is perfect.. Are they telling me the truth.

Also they balanced the the front wheels because it had a vibration. Well its seems that it is worse. More vibration and it pulls hard to the right. Tires not bad at all. Have 2,000 miles on it and they are toyo tires on 18inch front. wheels are 3 piece I forge wheels.

Do i need to get a 2nd look. I was recommend to this dealer. I am worried about my viberation and pulling. I thought when you get an alignment it will take care of pulling and they told me they balanced it.

I was told to buy new tires and will take care of this.

Please help

Any NSX buddies near you?
If possible, swap front wheels/tires with a known "good" set.
At least you could rule out a wheel thats out of round, or problem tire's. :smile:
I just had the same thing happen to me. Alignement and on the car balance. Now the steering wheel vibration is much more noticable. I am taking the car back next week to make them balance it again.

Well see how it goes.
whats hubcentric ring? where do I get these and cost? I just purchase this 94 nsx with 41,000 miles. Dealer told me the car has been dropped. How much I don't know and I dont even know what size shock to replace. I guess I will have to take them off and shop around.

Vibration is balance and pulling is alignment. Period.

They are worse after balance because they wre not done right and / or your wheels are not hubcentric and have been moved.

If it pulls now and didn't before, the alignment was not done coreectly. Think you had tire wear before? Watch your tires carefully.

dmathews said:
whats hubcentric ring? where do I get these and cost?
Stock wheels come with a center bore (that's the hole in the very center of the wheel) that just fits perfectly over the hub (the part of the car that sticks out in the middle of the wheel). Some aftermarket wheels come with a center bore that's much bigger, leaving a gap between it and the hub, which can create a vibration. Aftermarket wheels should be (but sometimes aren't) sold with rings which fill this gap. If you didn't get rings with the wheels, you can ask around, but they're very hard to find, since they need to fit your wheels very precisely. Look for metal rings and avoid plastic ones.

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