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Wheels Auction Info

5 October 2001
Fremont, NE
I just wrote the seller and asked for additional pictures of the other wheels. They do all appear to be perfect. He gave me a phone number so I called. I asked him about the whole 500 miles thing. Wheels were taken off less than 500 miles after NSX was purchased and followed the vehicle to him with original tires, which he swapped onto the NSX, which he said were a mistake, he said the others were Yokohamas but he didn't like them. This guy got ripped off with the tires it seems, he says he has the receipt, so at least I know it would have new tires regardless. The weights were put on by an Acura dealership, as they told him a true balance couldn't be obtained as well with putting them just on the inside. Seemed like a nice guy. He also assured me that he would hold my check until I received them, which I thought was fair since this is a lot of money. Anyway, that's the scoop for now.