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When/What have high mile folks done to refresh suspension control arm bushings?

12 June 2019

I'm at 136k on my 91 and looking at my control arms recently I could see some deformation in bushings, just time and miles. 2 drop links were perished and replaced all of those. easy and affordable.

When have people replaced their control arm bushings? I don't think the rubbers are even available.
Or whole control arms? $$$
Anyone use the metal bushings from Mita?
Ball joints from cedar ridge or other?

Or, are people still on original stuff with higher miles than me?

I have restored a few high mile 944 turbos and refreshing all bushings was the most rewarding of projects. That new car ride!
I had done that on my Prelude (and indeed it transformed the car), and now going to do it on my NSX. I'll use the Prothane kit as my car needs to be streetable.
Bushings are made of rubber so the main factor there is time, and exposure to elements. Rubber degrades and becomes hard and brittle and there's little to do apart from keeping your car in a pure nitrogen, climate controlled, moisture free container and never get it to see the sun.
The metal bushings such as T3TEC are made for race track only usage. Road bumps and pot holes will otherwise bend something else and that's a control arm or the chassis itself...

Side note I'm surprised that there's only that Prothane kit as an option - which is imperfect by the way, you have to modify some of the bushings - as I'd bet most of the NSXs around need a new set of bushings by now.
I think your options are entire arms or the prothane kit if you want to keep it street-able. The prothane kit takes some finessing but there is a really great thread about what you'll need to do to get everything to work.