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Where does this plug into?

25 October 2001
Northern California
This is resting on the bottom of the driver head light compartment. Any ideas? All the lights are working. I have HID but don't see a similar piece on the passenger side. Is it the 6-P Connector (Page 23-183 of Manual), if so, what does it supposed to do since it appears to be disconnected?

Picture is not perfect but best I could do ..... TIA
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This connector is used to allow other cars to pass on straight aways when given a point by from their drivers. :wink: But on a more serious note, one connector is for the lights and the other works the retractor motor. I show no third connector on my vehicle unless it's hidden somewhere and might be used for the European/Canadian fog light option. JAGOTO :confused: Finally what color is the connector? Yours looks like is a pale blue while all standard connectors are gray.
ATERPAC is correct...

This one is for the driving/foglights which were not available here in the States. The plugs are usually zip tied to the harnesses under the lights to keep them from moving around.