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Where to buy front chin spoiler in So Cal (or where to order one)?

5 May 2005
Los Angeles
I helped a friend pick up a car this weekend - an 01' CLK 55. It's a surprisingly fast car. Anyways, I'm following him on the freeway tonite, and he runs over this piece of wood and it flies straight back at my car. Fortunately, the only real damage done (besides a few buffable marks) is that it tore off my stock front chin spoiler.

I see a bunch of WTB ads for these things, so I figure it's a relatively common occurrence. But seeing all these WTB ads makes me believe that it must be overpriced at a local dealership. Where can I buy one of these for a reasonable price (and what is a reasonable price)? I'd prefer to grab one in LA or OC, but if it's more price effective to order one, then so be it.

Thanks guys, any advice is appreciated.

not sure if you'd be interested, i have a c/f chin spoiler that im selling, made by invidia, similar to the sos one, excellent weaves, minor scrapes at bottom, but no cracks at all...let me know if you might be interested
You usually see the wtb ads on the pre-97 spoiler. Slightly different shape than the 97-2001 spoiler and no longer be made (unless Anytime can find a new one to reproduce). The 97-2001 you can order from any dealership.
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