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Where to get info on a '94..

There are almost no options on any year NSX. They all come "loaded." CD changer (old Alpine unit), built-in phone (old analog Motorola unit) are the options. You can put your own CD changer in and I haven't used an analog-only cellular phone in a while...
Other than passenger airbag there is no real difference in '91-'94. If you want a -T I think the '97+ are better than the '95-'96 but of course also more expensive.

Click on changes by year.

'97 Prelude Type SH- some little mods

So you would say a '95 would be better? Anyone? man now what color. Anyone on color scheme?? I do not want a Black one.. I dont have time to keep it clean.
TCS is standard. As I said, all NSXs come "loaded." Other than an automatic transmission, the only options were factory phone and CD changer, neither of which I would even take into consideration when buying the car because you can do better by going aftermarket for very little money.