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Which bushings/links?

8 March 2006
Im a bit confused on this if anyone can answer my question please. I talked to TiDave about getting non compliant rear bushings and toe links. His set costs double the SOS set (I thought his set WAS the SOS set).

He explained to me that the SOS set is plastic and it wears as do the toe links. Also he said his bushings allow camber adjustment and the others don't.

I am looking at $500 versus $1000. My questions are:

1) being I do 10 track days a year, do you guys think I need the better ones? Can anyone with experience and knowledge advise me on this?

2) am I going to have an issue with not being able to get proper camber with the SOS set if I drop my suspension say 1-1.5"? Not going hellaflush here, but I have a VRH so I am going to try to lower the center of gravity a bit. Do I need something extra to get proper camber on my car like these bushings??

Another advantage with the SOS for me is the core exchange with the whole beam. I won't have to bite my nails and wonder if my local shop is installing these properly. I don't know which way to go.

Really appreciate any help guys, thanks.
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I was in the same position six months months ago. While I cant speak for the longevity, yet, I can say I ended up going with the TiDave set up. Reasons being 1. camber adjustment. 2. Once I did the work I didn't want to think about it again 3.TiDave is the guy making them so he's always got stock and has always been SUPER FAST to get stuff in the mail.

SOS always makes awesome products i think you'll be happy eitherway.

They make a HUGE difference in the feel of the car on long squaty turns and stabilize the toe on fast chicanes. my first time out after install I was surprised to find i was confidently getting the power on during weight transfers to get some angle in corners.
I'm looking at this setup too but probably for next season. I've also talked to TiDave about it and will likely go with his setup for the same reason; it's a lot of work to install and I only want to do it once.

Any affects on the street ride?
I'm not too sure on the daily aspect, I only use the car for the track and the occasional weekend runs. Its probably much stiffer but I figure anyone doing this mod will likely already have coilovers, maybe a race seat too. my NSX actually still ride much nicer than my 'daily driver' :]
Our bushings use a sleeve bearing. Dave uses a spherical monoball bearing (hence, the price difference). Both types will wear, I could not tell if you if one style or the other would wear faster than another. I assume by adjustable camber, Dave's bushings have the bearing offset in the housing which would allow you to add or subtract camber based on what your intentions were. I would be concerned about this design allowing the bushing to rotate in the beam if it is not pinned and not just pressed in. Dave would be the better source for information on this design however.

By the way, these and our toe links are by far my favorite handling modification of the car. It makes the NSX much more stable in loaded high speed sweeper corners as it reduces dynamic toe movement while the factory rubber bushings deflect.

You can find these here:

-- Chris
Dave contacted me and offered a group buy discount, I am trying to get details together.

Chris thanks for chiming in. Have you actually seen yours wear and how much approximate use/track days/mileage on them? For us without any experience this is a difficult thing to get a handle on.