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Which fuzz buster?? The K-40 or the V1? .or.....

24 July 2000
Or if you have a better one in mind, let me know.... definitely in the market for one soon... i like in Atlanta... anyone who's ever been here knows the traffic can be rutheless not to mention the police... thanks for the info! -Electro
Hey good question for you chronic speeders that don't get caught: which radar brand:

1)has a sensor unit that can be hidden by mounting up front behind the bumper, rather than in the cabin? and...

2) has both an visible indicator light on the dash and an audible alarm?


1995 NSX-T 5 speed, Red/Tan, Stock, except Dunlap SP9000s
1)has a sensor unit that can be hidden by mounting up front behind the bumper, rather than in the cabin?

Before pursuing this idea further, read what Mike Valentine has to say on this topic:

<a href="http://www.valentine1.com/lab/Previously1.asp">Hidden Radar Detectors</a>

With a car as low as the NSX, you're not going to see many radar sources with the detector mounted so low.

-Bob ('94 #496)
I have had the worse luck in a 6 days span than I can ever remember.

Driving home from work in my Mazda MX-6 I get pulled over for doing 49 in a 30. This cop was cool and let me go with just a ticket for not having my registration; $5 fine here. Two days later I am coming home from the track (in the NSX) and get another ticket for 91 in a 70. 3 days after that I get a ticket going home for lunch in my Mazda again doing 43 in a 30.

All three episodes used radar/laser of some sort. After my third ticket I just sat in my car and wondered if I was being watched (like that guy in 'Enemy of the State'). Could there be a satellite watching my every move? As soon as I got back to the office I ordered a Valentine 1 for $399.

The next time I see one of those guys on the side of the road, I'm going to pull my detector off the dash and mount to the outside of my door so the officer can hear it beeping as I go past.

Down and out,

PS $225 in lawyer fees and I should be good to go.
Here in South Florida there are 1000's of lawyers that just defend people in my situation, and they all pretty much claim the same thing; no points. I have used them 3 times before and the result were as claimed. The cost is $99 per ticket (additional $25 if in another county) and all you have to do is read them the citation number over the phone and give them your credit card #. They enter a plea for you and handle everything. 2 or 3 months later you get a letter in the mail saying congrats we won your case for you. I've been told that sometimes you have to pay court costs, but this has not been the case for me. If they don't win they give you back your money.

I can tell you that my neighbor has received at least 30 tickets in the last 4 years, and he always uses the same lawyer. I actually called him and used my friend's name as a reference, and he said, 'Oh ya, Jeff is a great client' However, at $150 a pop he is a little too expensive for me. My neighbor would not be on the street without the help of this lawyer.

One side note. I called my agent (State Farm) after I received the third ticket to ask him a few questions. He told me (off the record) that tickets with or without points will not affect my rate one penny. He said claims are what changes your rate on an existing policy. He said when your policy renews, that they don't look at your driving record unless you have made a claim that was your fault. However, if you were to get a new policy with SF, tickets will have an influence on your premium. I guess this kind of makes sense. I'm not going to argue and my rates are very good. $950 per year for my NSX as a second car.
The week after I purchased my NSX I ordered a V-1. I drive very fast every time I am in my car. I frequently run in excess of 150mph in city limits. I recently caravaned with another NSX'r to a club meeting in Miami. We were talking back and forth on two channel radios during our drive. While running across the infamous Alligator Alley<an 80 mile long stretch of road cutting across the state>we were cruising at speeds between 90 and 158. My V-1 picked up a pair of state troopers about a mile ahead using K-BAND. When I warned him over the radio, he cursed his Escort which had given him NO WARNING of the upcoming threat. From that point on, he stayed behind me and we both relied on my V-1 to keep us out of trouble. For the record, I have never been stopped since purchasing my V-1. The only remaining threat is from the sky...so buy a V-1 and keep an eye to the heavens and you'll be just fine! Happy Motoring
I'd get the V1. I have a K40 which has saved me many times already, but there were a couple close calls which I got the signal way too late. I don't know if the V1 would've been better, I hope so. The directional warning with the V1 is what makes me want it. Alot of times you get alot of beeps and have no idea where they're coming from. K40s also do leak, I had two of them together and they constantly set each other off. I'm going to get a V1, so if you want to buy a used K40, email me.
That being said, I just ordered a V1 with concealed unit from Valentine for $399 main unit + $39 concealed display + $5.75 shipping.

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I would highly recommend the V1- I would say this for the directional arrows alone which you will find very valuable. I compared it side by side with Cincinatti Microwave's Passport, which I keep in my winter vehicle, and the Valentine One consistenly located radar sooner and of course sensed radar from behind MUCH sooner. It was also interesting that the Passport would typically not screen false signals as well. Incidentally, I believe Mike Valentine designed or helped design the original Escorts and was part owner of Cincinatti Microwave. I do not know anything about the K-40 but I can not imagine NSXing without my V1.
My V1 just arrived at lunch time today so I decided to give it a test drive. On All-Bogey mode, I now know where all of the super markets are (ha, ha). It's nice to watch the display as the signal moves from the front, to the side and then to the rear of the car. I didn't find any cops (imagine that), but I'll have my eyes (and detector) looking out for them on the way home.

I'm very impressed with the quality/craftsmanship of the unit and the accessories it came with. However, I realize now that my car has something else in it that people will want to steal.

I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it highly to all my fellow speeders.

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Doesn't the size of V1 bother any of you in anyway? I've been considering a V1 for the longest time, but just haven't gotten around to it due to the size. It looks so big and clunky. Anybody have pics of what it looks like on the windshield?
Size doesn't matter in this scenario! I mounted my V-1 behind the rearview mirror to the right, and the concealed display is on the steering column. It has already saved me more than than the $450 that it cost, and I still have my license! Proof enough that it is the BEST.
I got my Valentine 1 after a potential license-suspension from a speeding ticket caught on radar.

The Valentine 1 has saved my butt several times since I bought it.

A question for all V1 owners:

What have you done to conceal the wire going to your V1?
I squeezed the wire from the V1 under the headliner, down the A-pillar, then under the dash up to the top of the steering colum. It is very easy.
If the size of the V1 bothers you (it shouldn't), consider this --> the smaller units get their smaller size by having tiny little antennas. All else equal (in this case that's not true, as the V1 has better internals IMHO) the smaller the antenna, the less sensitive it will be. That is a fundamental of detector design based on physics and you can't get around it. Part of what makes the V1 chunkier is their refusal to compromise on the antenna size or shape.
Interesting thread as when I bought my used 95 it had a K40SWL3000. I was on a 2500 mile road trip and it found every cop on the way with no tickets. In fact in No. Cal. I was going through some tight turns around 80 (40 speed limit) and it found them sitting around the corner. Saved my ass big! I like it being totally hidden with the panel built into the standard instrument panel.

Anyone have pictures of their fuzz buster installed? I want to see some pictures of both the K40 and how hidden it is, and the different places you guys are putting your V1...