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Which liquid fender liner and tire sizes for wide fenders?

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8 November 2019
I'm frustrated with the limited selection of tires for the NSX, so I've decided to hopefully move to wheel and tire sizes that are more conducive to greater tire choices. I got the garage kite wide fenders seen here: https://www.mitamotorsports.com/garagekite/gk-front-fender?rq=fender . They're suppose to let you gain 2cm on each side. My plan is to put these on, move to an 18/19 setup, remove the stock fender liners, and then coat the inside of the wheel well with some type of bed liner product. I know other people have done this in the past and I wanted to know what products they used to replace the liner, and what size tires it allowed them to use in the front. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use 225/40/18 or 225/45/18. Any advice would be appreciated. I read through the big wheel thread (which is where I stole these ideas from, but it's scant on specific details on what options people made work
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