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White NSX in PA totalled?

7 November 2004
Elizabethtown, PA
Just got a call by one of my good friends that told me a few minutes ago that a white NSX was t-boned on Lititz Pike in Lancaster PA this morning! :eek: Just wanted to know if anyone may know the owner? Possible Prime member? Sounds like the worst possible way to start off the weekend... :frown:
I know that area well.... I stay on the Oregon Pike at the Eden Resort on Thursday nights
I live in Lancaster and work right off of Lititz Pike. It must have been a car from the Manheim Auto Auction. I know of only one other NSX in this area; a black 91.
Yeah I'm in the Lancaster area as well and I have never seen a white NSX, but the service manager at my dealership who lives off of Granite Run in Lancaster has told me on several occasions that he has witnessed a white NSX drive by his house at high speeds. I would have to assume that it is the same one. :confused: