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Who is the Wizard???

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Who is the Wizard(s) that said the targa top fits in the trunk? AFTER (so I AM A WIZARD TOO!!!) my NSX Modified turbo was installed, which obviously entails removing the engine cover, I tried putting the targa top in the trunk . . . uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . IT DOESN'T FIT!!!!!!!!
Stand it up in the trunk with the rear edge of the -T panel in the rear most part of the trunk. The painted side should be facing you. Then lower the front end into place. It will not lay flat - the front edge of the -T panel will rest on the front wall of the trunk. I don't really recommend carrying it that way long term because you can damage the paint but it will fit in a pinch.

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Industrious vendors should already be taking note!

A T holder for the trunk that makes it safe and easy to store. You can store your top in the trunk and get rid of that heavy 25lb engine cover.

If this takes off, I expect royalties!
IT DOESN'T FIT!!!!!!!!


Try again, it does fit.