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Who makes chrome 18 and 19 inch wheels?


HRE Performance Wheels are very high quality and lighweight wheels. The wheels are forged and utilize titanium fasteners. Each set is custom made and the offsets for the NSX application fits perfectly flush with the fender lines. The NSX has different front and rear hub bore sizes. Most wheel manufacturers utilize hub rings to fit the wheels. HRE Wheels are made with the correct oem hub bores for the front and rears. Custom widths and offsets can be made, but for a 18/19 application, the best fitment would be 18x7.5 front and 19x10 rear. We recommend the HRE 546 Style Wheel(see picture) because we feel it is the best looking wheel HRE has to offer. We have done a set of HRE 546s in 18/19 for a 91 Black NSX, it completely transformed the look of the NSX. ACR Motorsports also carries the entire line of HRE Wheels, please visit our website:

Prices on the 18/19 setup can be quoted through e-mail at: [email protected]

Originally posted by Jan Christensen:
I am looking for some 18 and 19 inch wheels for a 92 NSX. I want the proper offsets and a quality wheel. Does anyone know who makes them for this car? Thanks....

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