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WHOA 242,000 miles NSX on ebay jh4na1150mt003020

20 December 2003
Planet Earth
Re: WHOA 242,000 miles NSX on ebay ...

There are at least (2) 300K mile NSXs that I know of on the road. This is FOR REAL...ye of little faith.
Re: WHOA 242,000 miles NSX on ebay ...

Met one of the So Cal folks a few years back who's NSX had 170K miles or something like that. Made me appreciate the car more knowing that it can keep going and going and going. Granted proper maintenance helps. :wink: :biggrin:
Re: WHOA 242,000 miles NSX on ebay ...

When you enlarge the thumbnail you still see thumbnails. Good way not to disclose any where and tear 'cause you can't see it.

Could be interesting to get it and just keep driving it as much as possible and see if 500k is possible w/o a rebuild. Could be a money pit, on the other hand you could be surprised! Leak down and compression would be interesting info. Remember it appears to have had maybe 2 owners, last guy 15 years. If it was closer I would consider it as a DD project. My wife would definitely start commitment paperwork at the local funny farm if I did this.

Oh well...

Re: WHOA 242,000 miles NSX on ebay ...

Honda doesn't do the factory refresh program anymore do they?
Re: WHOA 242,000 miles NSX on ebay ...

Honestly, how does the chassie hold up after so man miles?

Im guessing cars with higher miles are good for projects cause u can get them cheaper but what kinda things would you worrie about?
Re: WHOA 242,000 miles NSX on ebay ...

wouldnt the chassie weaken over time and with use? Thats if its been driven hard. Im looking at a nsx with 200,000km. NSX's r expensive in AU still and i want a project one as stock cars just dont do it for me :)
Re: WHOA 242,000 miles NSX on ebay ...

Honda claims 30 years for the NSX's aluminum chassis structural integrity.

That is correct.
But I think the NSX chassis will last far longer than that. The 30 year was a design life. Also, I think the chassis was a bit 'over-designed' for the power the engine delivers.

For example, I don't think a 1950's or 1960's car was designed to last 30 years. But there are still many of those around.

I think that if you use a NSX for what it was designed for and you give the car the proper care it deserves the car will last very long.
^^^I agree. There are still B-52s flying around and they are made of the same material.
you guys crack me up- the only way metal fatigues is by deformation, a unibody by design prevents flex, unlike ladder-frame vehicles. i guarantee that the only issues you may have with that car's chassis is rubber bushings and possibly suspension.