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Wiki Access

5 August 2014
Dear NSX Prime,

After many many years I finally signed my contract for a used NSX here in Japan.
During the chase I used the Wiki extensively and would like to contribute. Unfortunately I can't log in, it seems.
Is a special request needed to be able to edit the Wiki?

PS: Sorry in case the question was already asked but my search did not bring it up.

Best regards,

You don't need to log in to use the Wiki .. but you're out of luck if you're wanting to edit or create Wiki content. When Lud moved the site a couple of years ago, he chose not to implement the software that support Wiki editing as he was wanting to try something else instead .. but it hasn't really worked out. Thankfully, the Wiki is still accessible. If you're wanting to share some new information with the community, I'd suggest just starting a new thread in the appropriate Forum area.
Thanks for the answer, Ian.
This confirms by initial fears.
I ran several own wikis, was an active member of Wikipedia and have some sys-admin experience running two Linux servers.
Unfortunately I was mainly planning to work on and especially clean up the wiki. Without a login that's a bit tough..
How do they say in Japan: 仕様が無い (shouganai - out of luck), it seems :redface:
Heineken .. I think one of the reasons that Lud wanted to try another approach was that although there seemed to be general support for having the Wiki .. or something like it .. there were very few people who were prepared to edit and add content to it. And as an active member of Wikipedia, I'm sure you know that the Wiki has it's own scripting language that provides the formatting and it can be a little intimidating if you're not a geek or prepared to invest the time. Anyone can reply to a thread in a Forum but it takes more effort to understand the Wiki format and how to add/modify things.

I think Lud was trying to get something that would be a little more automatic in its information collection instead of relying on people for the content .. and to some extent I agree with that approach. However, the Wiki approach is to use human experts with knowledge in a particular subject area (eg. NSX) to wade through content created in multiple threads and distill it down to the truth and make it easily and quickly consumable .. and I don't think any software is going to do that for us .. although IBM has probably come the closest with its Watson project (which competed on Jeopardy) which can scan natural language content and learn from it. They've partnered with the Sloan Kettering Cancer institute and already used it to scan medical books; journals; research; etc to create a 'physician system' to help make better cancer treatment choices. But before they would be allowed to have it do that it had to pass the standard medical exam .. and I gather it did that. Now if we had a version of Watson who could scan all the threads and posts on NSXPrime, we could use it to create a killer Wiki .. but better yet, just keep an interactive version of it around to answer questions .. like Siri, only better ... because it would be built on the wisdom shared by keN SaX, RSO34, Angus, and numerous others who I'm neglecting to mention.
But .. I digress.
Thanks again for your support, I didn't knew what was behind that decision.
It feels a little sad but I guess I should be thankful instead for the information available.

PS: Interesting info from IBM. I worked for them in Germany as a student. Their research work was quite creative.
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Is the NSX Prime wiki page and contents still simply viewable?
I wanted to read up on some things....
I'm also very sad that the wiki pages seem to have vanished since the new website :( those were such a goldmine.