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Wild West Intn'l Rally: Sept 10 -11th 2005

16 September 2002
bellevue, wa usa
This may not be the most appropriate place to start a thread for stage rallying racing, but then again, we are all car people... right?

I am a Stage Captain for the Pacific Rally Group putting on a Rally race near Olympia on September 10-11th. Most of you have probably seen the World Rally Championship rally series on Speed TV and have an idea of what it is really about, but not a whole lot of people know that stage rallying is in full force in the Pacific Northwest!

As a Stage Captain, I am responsible for securing the logging roads so that the cars can race on it. Rally racing is one of the most exciting and unique motorsport out there and offers a really fun environment to get involved.

But I can't secure a stage without the help of a few good volunteers! So, if any of you are interested in seeing what rally racing is all about, here is an opportunity to see it from the inside! And I can help get you a good vantage point to see this great sport...


This year I am running the famous Nahwatzel stage on Sunday... a really long stage and quite possibly the longest stage in the USA (???). There has been a few new corners added this year that need new Road Marshalls.

We have also had a local rally driver, Jamie Thomas aka. Subie Gal, that has been recently featured in Sports Illustrated going to race at Wild West. So the level of competition is very top notch.

Here are a few positions I am looking to fill:

- Road Marshall: You are out on stage making sure nobody from incoming roads get on the course. You can also provide assistance if a car goes off course. It's a neat position which allows a person to see Rally cars in action while providing safety!

- Flag Starter: You countdown the clock to start the Rally car on stage. A great way to be close to the cars and to be near the action.

- Flying Finish Taking finish times at the end of the stage as the cars go flying by you, then reporting them to the stop people.

These are just a few positions that might interest some of you.

Wild West takes place just 20 minutes West of Olympia nearby Shelton and Montessano. Let me know if you would like to give it a try by sending me a PM, or an email at [email protected], and I'll send you driving and meeting locations.

I will also post some spectator instructions, hotel info, and other things later.