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Will I Fit???

24 March 2005
I am looking to purchase a used NSX. In 92 I bought a Acura Legend LS and it was a great car for me. In that year in the show room I tried on a NSX for fun and was suprised to find that I fit and it was quite comfortable. I am 6'8" and 285lbs. At present I have a Porsche 928s which I have had for 15yrs and am looking for a change. Last year at the local car show I tried on the new NSX and and the interior cabin was way too cramped for me. Although this might sound strange for most drivers, does anyone know what years that the NSX had the largest interior cabin space for the driver? (legroom, shoulder and headroom) Thank you :smile:
All years have the same legroom and shoulder room (because they have the same layout and the same seats). The only difference is between the NSX-T (with its removable roof panel) versus the fixed-roof NSX Coupe. I believe the roof panel of the NSX-T has slightly less headroom.

Is it possible that you were sitting in the passenger seat at the car show? The passenger side has significantly less legroom than the driver side.

The NSX-T was introduced in the 1995 model year. The NSX Coupe was still available for 1995-2001 but was only a tiny fraction of NSX sales for those years.
I'm 6' and weigh a little less than you. I know what you mean about the interior cabin being way too cramped. I can barely fit with very little headroom. I can't imagine how tight it would be for you.
I am 6' 190 and fit good, I was going to let a friend of mine who is 6'7 @260 drive it and there was no way. He could fit in the passenger seat, but his knees wrapped around the steering wheel.

I'm considering having someone like CompTech take a look at the OEM driver's seat and see if it can be lowered about 1". Then I would plenty of headroom and my head would fit back into the headrest if needed. I would also be able to wear a helmet without it jammed to the roof. Anyone else consider doing something like this or know about such a mod? Please note, I want to keep the OEM seats for right now.
A long torso 6' 1" 205 here and just barely make it (headroom) in a '96. Have to keep my hair short :smile: Looking forward to the nice weather so the top can come off.

Someone 6' 8" in an NSX sounds like MTV Reality Show material to me!
I just talked with Shad at CompTech. He said they've already looked into modding the OEM seat rails but found that it wasn't practical. He suggested looking into a replacement seat pad. One that I've looked at is the Dali Racer Racing Seat Cushion. Anyone know about these?