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Window popping noise


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15 August 2000
Bellingham, WA
When I first bought my '91 NSX, I checked to see what repairs the previous owners had made. About 2 years ago, the previous owner had both the driver's side and passenger's side window regulators replaced. Knowing this I thought my car would never experience the window falldown failure described in the FAQ.

Lately though, my driver's side window has started making a poping noise as it's rolled-up. It still rolls up quickly, but you can hear pops about 3 or 4 times evenly spaced apart as it rolls-up.

Is this anything to worry about? Am I about to experience the failure described in the FAQ, despite having new regulators?

Finally, if it turns out the new regulators the dealer installed were from old stock flawed design, anyone have any luck getting Acura to goodwill the repair even though it was the previous owner that paid for them?
I would recommend pulling the trim panels on the doors so you can inspect the regulator bits to make sure which type is installed.

While you are in there, a nice cleaning and lube as described in the other recent window regulator thread should hopefully fix your popping sound.
same thing happned to my 93. Go to Acura/Honda parts and buy the "Spray Silicone" about $6.00 pull out the front triangle plastic cover.(only the front)

There you will see a rubbery black foam material that covers the window rail. (you dont have to remove the rubber just use the plastic straw and poke through it. (plastic straw comes with the spray like WD 40)

If it still makes the noise then pull out the side door panels and lube it up.

hope this helps, it worked on mine....

BB, I too had this popping noise in my windows. Lud is right, the only way to solve this problem was to remove the actual window and then the tracks, rear and forward. The build up of gunk in the tracks seemed to make mine pop as they were going up. We used several cans of brake and parts cleaner with a stiff parts cleaner brush to get all the old grease and gunk out of the tracks. Then we used fresh Honda Lube (its green and highly recomended by Acura mechanic) and reassembled. Then spray silicone into the front triangle window guide to complete the process. Also if you get a sqeak as the window finally reaches the very top you can spray silicone on the 2 black hard rubber???, gee, I do not know what they call them, but I think they are the rubber window stoppers. My windows made a horrible sqeak that sounded like metal on metal when they finally made the top. Well it just took some silicone on these 2 black rubber stoppers to solve the problem. I hope this helps. Also make sure you MARK the adjustment screws on the threads with black perme marker if you decide to take the windows out, so you do not loose the factory adjustment settings.