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Windshield weather stripping won't stay stuck...

4 May 2006
Newhall, SoCal
The rubber trim strip at the top of my windshield came unglued some time back.

I detached it, and have thoroughly cleaned and de-greased the location, and carefully re-attached it several times with several different types of silicon and general adhesives supposedly formulated for this application, but the damn thing will not stay attached.

It "lifts" while sitting in the hot sunlight breaking the adhesion bond, seemingly due to the expansion of the strip itself due to the temp increase.

Any suggestions? Does Acura manufacture a particular adhesive for this?
What year is your car? Are you attaching the original stripping back on?

My first thought was to try attaching a new one.
It's a '99. Yes, I have been using the old strip. It fits into place exactly right, but just won't stay bonded.

Making me nuts. Honda must be using a non-silicon based adhesive. The old adhesive is harder (less flexible) than the varieties I have been trying.