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Wings West Front lip

26 February 2008
Yes, I've searched but I would like some more input. If your NSX was

1.) Lowered

2.) Daily Driver

Would you put one on?

Would this lip handle more abuse and easier to drive around in than the Shine GT one?
I have a shine gt lip and it takes a hardcore beating with my car being as low as it is. I'm actually going to replace it with a ww lip. I like the look of the ww lip like it was ment to come on the car from the factory.
Wings West lip can take a beating. My car is lowered and it actually tucks up a tiny bit higher than the OEM lip. I can actually get in and out of my driveway now without scraping.
I have a GT shine one on right now and I'm done with the scraping. LOL

It still looks new (other than underneath) and has been on for 8 years.

Most of the time I can angle it without a prob, but once in a while when I don't do it right, that sound is like nails on a chalkboard.
WW Lip hands down takes more abuse then any FRP or CF lip

I have run into things head on and also scraped plenty. Its soft flexiable properties allows it to just bounce back. As far as the height is concerned its only about a 1/4 of a inch lower then the OEM stock lip on my 91. In fact theres no need to remove the front lip the WW one just installs over it. The only complaint that I have is due to the weather here in the east the cold and hot weather seems to cause some expantion and shrinkage and the paint usually cracks on mine. I now just keep it painted with regular spray paint
I recently damaged my Shine GT lip and am also looking to try the WW lip.

Where are people purchasing these from?
I got my WW lip this year and love it. Doesn't really scrape more than OEM as long as you are careful, and it really set off the front end nicely :)


Yes a daily driver (unless the weather is REALLY bad)

Yes the car is lowered
I would stick to OEM. Havent seen a good looking aftermarket lip. WestWing lip isn't flush with lower bumper and actually sticks out like a glued piece.
+ 1

The only lip I like is the thicker oem one. Only the 02+ have good looking lips IMO.
I"m not where I can check for sure now, but my NSX is still the stock height with the WW Lip, sideskirts, etc.

If I remember correctly last year I measured & my front lip was 4 1/2 inches off the ground.

When I initially purchased the car it had some chips, then backing out of a driveway without a shaved curb (around here the curbs are rounded and some driveways that aren't shaved basically are where you drive up over the curb to get into them), it caught my lip and pulled it off the one side. I was at an angle. I haven't done that again.

I ended up having the lip re-painted with 3M chip guard over the new paint. It has held up well.

Even though I try to be very careful now days, I still notice I have some scrapes underneath. You have to lay down and look up to see them. Looking head on they aren't noticable.

Overall I haven't had any issues with the WW lip. It has held up well for me. It was on the car when I purchased it and I've owned it 4 yrears now. It has almost been 4 years since I had it repainted.