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Work Equip Wheels

27 July 2005
Selling Work Equip wheels. These are rare, custom made in Japan. I bought them for my Supra and they didn't fit well. I was later told that they were custom made specifically for the NSX. I'm not an NSX owner (yet!) and don't come here alot, so e-mail me at [email protected] if interested.

$2150 plus shipping.

Specs are:

Rear = 18 X 10
48 offset
Khumo Ecsta Supra tires with good tread.
265 35 ZR 18

Front = 18 X 9 1/4"
38 offset
Same tires at
235 40 18
Are you sure those are custom made for the NSX? The front rims and tires are a bit wide for a stock NSX.
The fronts are 5mm too low of an offset for a 235 tire. They may rub on the outer fender, the rears are not ideal for a 265 with. a +38mm is more like it.

These will work on a wide body, with a 25mm H&R rear spacer.

They may work on a oem NSX, with some front fender cutting/liner removal, and at least a 5mm spacer in the rear.